VR / AR Industrial Solutions for,

VR / AR games, VR offline experience, VR movie & television, VR travel, AR / VR driving, VR home decoration, VR education, VR medicine, Museums, Smart Grids, Mobile, Emergency Rescue, Science & Research, Military, Industry, Aviation, Shipping, Logistics, Water Conservancy, Transportation, Petrochemical Industry, Internet Product Exhibition and Heavy Machinery, etc.

VR /AR Derivatives and Related Solutions for,

Helmet, Glasses, Panorama camera, APP, Dynamic seat, Multimedia Engineering such as Magic theater system, Interactive cinema system and Virtual simulation interactive viewing system, etc.;

Matched ancillary equipment such as Immersive VR system, Augmented VR system, Visual system, 3D display system, Touch feedback system, Environmental Modeling Technology, Video processing chip, Sensor, Glove, 360 Parascan Surveillance System, Light Field Capture System, Location tracking system, Tools development software and 3D scanning, etc.

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