Yobi3D – Free 3D Model Search Engine For VR Developers & Game Designers

Yobi3D  is a free 3D model search engine service.  Launched in 2014 and based in Taipei, Taiwan, Yobi3D aims to improve the search experience of looking for 3D models on the internet for 3D print makers, 3D game developers, virtual reality, and augmented reality developers.

3d models
 whiteThe service provides a keyword search interface and shows search results as thumbnails of 3D models.  It also has a built-in 3D viewer to allow users to see each model from different angles on web browsers.  In addition, the 3D viewer also supports a VR mode, in which users can see the 3D models with Google Cardboard.
yobi3DwhiteThe 3D modeling search engine received fantastic feedback and support from worldwide 3D printing community.  There are many brands and versions of 3D printer hardware coming out every months.  Many still face the question of what to print when they buy a machine.  So we hope to provide a good 3D content search tool to further generate more interests in 3D printing.

Yobi3D search engine serves as an useful and powerful tool for VR, AR and game developers.  Independent 3D games may not have the budget to make everything from scratch.  Our website is a good tool for them to put something quick together within budget. The ultimate goal of Yobi3D is to becoming the go-to-platform for sourcing and searching ready-made 3D images and models!

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